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 The Virtues of Fasting and Ramadan
 Fasting and Remaining Hungry
 Fasting Is Beneficial
 The Fards of the Fast
 Sinners and Fasting
 Excuses That Allow a Person Not to Fast
 Traveling and the Ramadan Fast
 Those Who Eat Openly in Ramadan
 Menstruation and Fasting
 The Virtue of Giving Iftar
 Is It Permissible to Delay Breaking the Fast?
 The Time of Sahar and Sahur Meal
 The Rewards for Good Deeds in Ramadan
 What Is I'tikaf? How Do Women Perform It?
 Does Committing a Sin Break the Fast?
 Patients and Fasting
 Voluntary Fasting and Its Virtue
 Kaffarah (Expiation) for Breaking the Fast
 Things That Invalidate the Fast
 Things That Do Not Invalidate the Fast
 Cases That Break and Do Not Break the Fast
 Imitating Another Madhhab During a Fast
 Q&A About Fasting
 The Tarawih Namaz
 Healthy Eating in Ramadan
 Different Calendars and Timetables
 Ramadan Starts When the New Moon Is Sighted
 The Importance of Sadaqa al-Fitr
 Days of the Eids
 Fasting All the Year Round
 Fasting on Sacred Days
 Makruh and Non-Makruh Acts for a Fasting Person
 Fasting in the Month of Shawwal
 Blood in the Mouth and the Fast
 Islamic Manners of Eating and Drinking

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