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 Belief in Qadar
 What Is Iradah al-Juz'iyyah?
 Both Good and Evil Are from Allah
 Some Myths About Qadar
 People Are Free in Their Actions
 Allahu Ta'ala's Will and Approval
 Does Qadar Change?
 The Mu'tazilah and the Jabriyyah
 Al-Lawh al-Mahfuz and Umm al-Kitab
 Allah Exalts or Abases Those Deserving It
 Marriage and Allah's Foreordainment
 No One Can Eat Some Other Person's Sustenance
 Dying of Hunger
 Divine Decree and Contentment
 Finding the True Path and Qadar
 Does a Person Committing Suicide Die Before His Appointed Time of Death?
 The Creator of Every Deed
 Some Verses Clarify Some Other Verses
 Q&A About Qada and Qadar

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