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 Zakat on Animals
 Making Use of the Ruling of the Hanafi Madhhab
 Obligatory Acts of Worship Versus Voluntary Ones
 Giving Zakat More than Nisab Amount
 Is Zakat Given in Secret?
 Q&A About Zakat
 Thalaba and Zakat
 The Importance of Giving Sadaqah
 The Best Sadaqah
 Muslims Are Like One Body
 Can Sadaqah Be Given from Haram Wealth?
 Sadaqah Jariyah
 Q&A About Sadaqah
 Giving Zakat to One's Debtor
 Zakat to Students
 Inquiring About the Zakat Recipient
 Appointing an Agent for Zakat
 Protect Your Wealth by Giving Zakat
 What Is Nisab?
 When Is Zakat Given?
 What Things Are Given as Zakat?
 Who Are Eligible to Receive Zakat, Sadaqah al-Fitr, and Fidyah?
 Zakat of a Married Couple
 Rulings About Zakat According to the Four Madhhabs
 Giving Zakat to a Civil Servant
 Taking Zakat by Force
 Giving Zakat in Advance
 Zakat Is Given Based on Lunar Calendar
 Zakat of Jewelry
 Zakat of Silver Goods
 Zakat of Debts

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